Friday, October 7, 2016

H.G. Wells The Invisible Man

Despite Wells's books are a fiction, they look like the thought flow. Wells make an experiment inside the book and observe how is the experiment going. As a scientist, he gives us full information about the main parameters of the experiment and leaves us with it to analyze and to make conclusions. Every scene and every character look like a scientific environment put in the book for one purpose: to see how it will affect the observable object.

The Invisible Man is the book about people, their fears and first of all, their hunger for superiority. This book is an experiment about what will happen if the man, who is not ready to bear an ultimate power, will get it. The environment is a small town with casual people. The observable object is the man, who found how to become invisible. But the power goes with limitations - he can be invisible only if he is naked. This makes the Invisible Man weak and vulnerable and Wells shows it in the little details, like sneezing, because of the cold, caught by Invisible Man in winter, or by dirt, sticked to his feet in autumn.

Wells shows the disadvantages of invisibility very brightly: nobody cares about the Invisible Man. Nobody sees him, and nobody believes he exists. Invisible Man cannot buy anything, he cannot rent the apartments, cannot act as a casual man, because for other people he doesn't exist. Furthermore, the fear of weird things, fear of something absolutely new which is a trait of almost everyone, makes it impossible for Invisible Man to communicate with people in a usual manner.

Different people will deal with this set of problems in a different manner. The main character decided to become invisible because he wanted to avoid the problems. This means, that he wanted superiority because he was weak and couldn't deal with his problems himself. When the man is weak and he achieves the power, he cannot wield it. The Invisible Man thought that the problem is not inside himself but inside others. He thought that he is a genius and Wells shows his arrogance very distinctly. We can say, that the Invisible Man suffers some kind of star fever and this drives him mad. He cannot accept, that people think that he is not higher than them, that no one not only accepts his superiority but doesn't even notice him. I won't unveil the end of the book, I will just make some conclusions.

If you cannot solve one problem, there is a big chance you won't be able to solve another.  The power is not such a thing that can be wielded by anyone. You need to be strong to wield it. This means, that if you feel that you cannot solve the problem don't avoid it. Try to make anything to beat it. This is the only way to become stronger and to find a way to the power. Otherwise, you will end like the Invisible Man.

It was an interesting experience to read H.G. Wells but I don't think that I really like these books. I will recommend this only for fans of sci-fi or for someone who likes to conduct mind experiments. I would give this book 5/10 - I was not very bored, but it wasn't fascinating and super interesting for me.

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