Saturday, February 27, 2016

Douglas Adams "The Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy"

Hi all, today we will talk about ultimate comedy science fiction series "The Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy". This post is in English because the book that I've read was in English. The "Guide" is the series of five books (sometimes called "trilogy in five books") and for February, I planned to read only one (the first) book from the series. But it was too short, and I finished it on 15-th of February (plus minus one day) so I decided to read the second book "The Restaurant at the End of the Universe". Honestly, I wanted to read three books (I thought to complete the story) but didn't have time for the third book till the end of the month.

So the series tells us about space adventures of four main heroes - Arthur Dent from the Earth, his friend Ford Prefect, from a nearby vicinity of Betelgeuse, the president of the galaxy Zaphod Beeblebrox, and Trillian from Earth. The book imbued with waspish sarcasm and satire, and even I laughed in some places (there are very few books that I really laughed at, so this book is really fun).

The main idea that comes through all the plot is that our Universe is ultimately huge and we ourselves are ultimately small, as our problems and our thoughts. We live in our closed world, and even inside we close our mind to everything else, except our way from work to home and some minor difficulties on it. People started to think, that this bounded world is exactly the whole Universe, and it spins around them. The boundness of people precisely reflected in Ford Prefect's question about humans: "Why do they continue to say obvious things like "The weather is good today"?" He tried to compare humanity with highly developed race, that had telepathic abilities and every representative had to say obvious things aloud to not think about something important, not to give this information to others. But this theory didn't fit well to humanity and answer to this question was a puzzle for Ford. So people are blind in their isolated Earth, and in small worlds that everyone built for themselves, but if we open our eyes, we will see an infinite world of opportunities, the whole universe, full of different business, lifeforms, ways of think, points of view, and something, that we couldn't imagine. 

Arthur Dent is the man, who occasionally opened his eyes, because of his friend Ford Prefect. He travels the galaxy and surprises every new thing, that can be deadly dangerous or remarkably pleasant. His companions, Zaphod Beeblebrox and Ford Prefect have an understanding of how the Universe work, and act like conductors for Arthur to this huge new world. Despite the main plot tells us about ultimate questions about the meaning of life, I think, the author wants to tell us that it is useless and completely unworthy to search the dim answer, or dim question itself. I didn't finish the main plot because read only two books out of five, but it seems like the main idea is that true meaning of life is to learn and to be happy, to be curious and get a pleasure from your curiosity, to act and not to think or wait and always expand your bounds. Zaphod and Ford live exactly according to these rules and doing only stuff that they like. They understand, that they are too small and the universe is too large and that all in the universe are bounded, and they are completely okay with that, because they just doing things, that they want to do.

I will definitely read all five books in future, I've already added it to my reading queue for next years. I strongly recommend the series to all young people from 14 to 30 (and all other ages too, but for these ages it will be very exemplarily) and I also recommend to read these books in English, because English there is very easy and lightweight, you will understand the language without any troubles and you will learn a lot of useful new words, that, I guarantee, you didn't know before, so please read it to improve your English, if you are beginner in it. Read more books and learn more stuff, see you in my next posts!

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